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Street Wear That Challenges the System

Having grown up through the 80’s and 90’s, we lived in skate clothes, band shirts and we had a whole lot of attitude.

Given we are a US brand, it’s really important for us to stay true to our roots, whilst keeping the ingredients of a solid American streets wear brand.

Whether you’re in California, Chicago, Moscow or Brisbane, if you skate, you are passionate about wearing a brand that stands for something, and you appreciate quality, we got you covered.

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Who We Are

With our team all coming from a love of skateboarding, punk rock and hip hop, all of which are built from the foundations of controversy, provocation and passion, everything the founders stand for. Challenge the status quo, provoke thought and consideration of points of view, and living life to the full.

The company name is a reflection of our past, it’s for those who faced a detention for stepping outside the boundaries of regulations, and continuing to voice a message that is often closed down.

“We want anyone wearing our apparel to have a voice, a way to tell the world what they stand for.”

Detention Apparel design premium fabrics and materials, allowing for long lasting products that stand up to the most unforgiving environments. 

Proudly American

We’re Not the Ones Who’re Meant to Follow - For That’s Enough to Argue

’Green Day’

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